Mid Cumberland Workforce Services

Mid-Cumberland WorkForce Services is dedicated to developing a stronger workforce throughout Tennessee. Mid-Cumberland WorkForce Services (MCWFS) provides workforce development services to a 27 county coverage area in Tennessee.

Mid-Cumberland Human Resource Agency is a nonprofit, tax-exempt human services organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code created under the Human Resource Agency Act. Since 1974, the Agency has provided a diverse array of services, including workforce development, to youth, the elderly, the disabled, and the disadvantaged living across the state of Tennessee. Mid-Cumberland WorkForce Services adopts the agency's mission of self-sufficiency with a focus towards workforce development, a field in which we have worked in various capacities since our inception in early 2000.

Mid-Cumberland WorkForce Services provides Workforce Development Programs in 27 counties throughout the State of Tennessee; MCWFS boasts the largest coverage area of all programs under the Mid-Cumberland Human Resource Agency umbrella. Our network of programs provides intensive case management and supportive services to citizens of all demographics and ethnicities. Our dedicated staff convene services through 8 different Workforce Development Programs, including Youth CAN, Opportunity Now, Rutherford Works, WIOA Title I Adult, WIOA Title I Dislocated Workers, Title V Older Worker Program, SNAP Employment and Training, VOCA and RESEA (Reemployment Services).

MCWFS prides ourselves on the ability to work with any population to ensure that their career and education goals are identified and carried out with the assistance of a member of our highly trained staff. Our staff of over 25 Career Specialists, Coordinators and Administrative Staff work diligently to administer the most in-depth workforce development services in the state.

For more information click visit https://www.mc-workforceservices.com

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